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AuthorLaura M. Franze
Texas Employment Law has a long history of providing a thorough and detailed analysis of the legal
issues that impact Texas employment lawyers. The latest edition continues this tradition. In updates to ten
different chapters, the authors bring you current on a broad range of employment-related issues, including:
An employer’s liability for hiring an individual who has been convicted of a criminal offense.
Penalties for civil paperwork violations in connection with the employment eligibility verification process.
Jurisdiction over the filing of complaints of immigration-related employment discrimination pursuant
to §274A of the Immigration and Nationality Act.
New DOL rules and regulations, which narrowly define “companionship services” in 29 U.S.C.
§213(a)(15) and limit the ability of so-called third-party employers, such as home care agencies, to
claim this exemption.
The “relation back rule” and its impact on the statute of limitations for filing a TCHRA claim.
Factors to consider in determining whether an individual is “substantially limited” in a major life activity.
The impact of the ADAAA on the “regarded as” disability standard.
The impact of the Supreme Court’s decision in Nassar on claims brought under the TCHRA.
The meaning of “national origin” for discrimination purposes.
How courts are dealing with claims of discrimination based on an individual’s criminal record; sexual
orientation; or military service.
The responsibility of joint employers for FMLA leave.
Whether expert testimony is required to establish incapacity under the FMLA.
Whether the “mailbox rule” is sufficient to establish that an employee received the required FMLA
“eligibility notice.”
Covenants not to compete and remedies for breach, including special considerations when dealing
with physicians’ agreements.
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Texas Employment Law
by Laura M. Franze
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