AuthorLaura M. Franze
Texas employmenT law F-10
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Many people deserve thanks for their support of me and others in the project that became Texas
Employment Law. When this book was first published in 1998, there was no comprehensive or unified study of
state law in many of the areas we tackled. Because each author is a busy practitioner, our task was great and
the first edition took more than three years of work. As of this writing, we have updated book chapters nine times
(each year since 1998) and have added many new chapters to accommodate additions or evolution in employ-
ment law. I am very grateful to many people who gave generously of their time in the preparation of this book.
I am especially grateful to my long-time secretary, Patricia Powers, who worked endless and often tedious hours
typing, proofing and generally shepherding each chapter through the writing, editorial and publishing process.
Dozens of lawyers read and edited each chapter and their commentary was essential to the final result.
James Publishing’s carefully chosen Editorial Board worked long and hard to make sure that this book is accu-
rate, fair and as comprehensive as possible. So many people contributed in so many ways that I am forced to
thank most only generically—thanks, you know who you are. Still, special thanks are due to Rani Garcia and
Sandy Lauro (who are also chapter authors in this book), for their tireless and cheerful assistance in research,
drafting, and review and for their refinement of the forms section of this book. Thanks also goes to Brett Burns,
Andrew Gould, Marcia Jackson, Clay Hartmann, Shannon Schmoyer, Michele Kirk, Roland Juarez, Richard
Cortez, Tamara Jones, Justin Smith, Joshua Flynt, Christina Jump, and the many others who also assisted in
research, writing, editing and commenting on the text. This book would not exist without them.
Thanks, too, to the people at James Publishing, in particular, Lisa Dunne. Lisa’s numerous comments,
suggestions, and general good humor through every stage of the editorial process were invaluable. Finally, I
offer sincere and loving thanks to my family. My husband, Kenneth Morton, demonstrated remarkable commit-
ment (not to mention an incredible tolerance for boredom) by personally reading and commenting on most of
the chapters and making suggestions from a business person’s—not lawyer’s—perspective. Thanks too, to my
daughter, Irena, and to my mother, Catherine Franze, who has encouraged and supported me in every way pos-
sible for as long as I can remember.
— Laura M. Franze

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