The Trial

AuthorCharles E. Turnbow
The Trial
§1500 Introduction
§1501 Opening Statement
§1501.1 Introduction
§1501.2 What Are the Rules of Law
§1501.3 What Did the Defendant Do?
§1501.4 What Were the Immediate Harms?
§1501.5 Who Are We Suing and Why?
$1501.6 Weakness in the Case
§1501.7 Injuries to the Plaintiff
§1501.8 Conclusion
§1502 Keeping Momentum Up
§1510 Efficient Use of Expert Witnesses
§1511 Expert Testimony Outline
§1512 Narrowing Issues
§1513 Federal Rules of Evidence. Part 7 Expert Testimony
§1513.1 Rule 702. Testimony by Experts
§1513.2 Rule 703. Basis of Opinion Testimony by Experts
§1513.3 Rule 704. Opinion on the Ultimate Issue
§1513.4 Rule 705. Disclosure of Facts or Data Underlying Expert Opinion
§1520 Optimize Expert Testimony
§1521 Minimize Distractions
§1522 Maintain Eye Contact
§1523 Avoid Impromptu Hypotheticals
§1524 Understand Terminology
§1525 Speak Clearly
§1526 Be Familiar With Evidence
§1527 Effective Timing
§1530 Maximize Courtroom Credibility
§1531 Defending Management, Personnel or Landowners
§1540 Effective Cross-Examination
§1550 Final Argument Strategies
§1551 Using Jury Instructions
§1552 Using Facts
Sample: Final Argument
§1560 Trial Checklist: Liability and Damages
§1570 30-Day Trial Preparation Checklist

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