Preparing Documents and Evidence for Trial

AuthorCharles E. Turnbow
Preparing Documents and
Evidence for Trial
§1400 Prepare for Trial
§1410 Review Discovery Documents
§1411 Requests for Admission
§1412 Interrogatories
§1412.1 Using Interrogatories at Trial
§1413 Depositions
§1414 Documents
§1414.1 Cross-Examination
§1420 Summarize Witness Testimony
§1430 Prepare Pretrial Motions
§1440 Submit Jury Instructions
§1441 Standard Instructions
§1442 Special Instructions
Sample: Special Instructions, Slip and Fall Cases
§1450 Review Physical Evidence
§1451 Preparing Evidence
§1460 Organize Demonstrative Evidence
§1461 Presenting Evidence Effectively
§1461.1 Charts and Diagrams
§1461.2 Photographs
§1461.3 Videotape
§1461.4 Computer Simulation
§1470 Subpoena Witnesses
§1480 Organize Trial Notebook

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