Production of Documents, Interrogatories and Inspection Demands

AuthorCharles E. Turnbow
Production of Documents, Interrogatories
Inspection Demands
§900 Introduction
§910 Production of Documents
§911 Incident Reports
§912 Plans, Prints and Specifications
§913 Certificate of Occupancy
§914 Property Maintenance Policies
§915 Maintenance Records
§915.1 Training Records
§915.2 Sweep Sheets
§915.3 Stripping and Waxing Records
§916 Photographs
§920 Interrogatories
§921 Timing of Service
§922 Handling Objections
§923 Plaintiff’s Interrogatories
§924 Defendant’s Interrogatories
§924.1 Plaintiff’s Response
§925 Special Interrogatories
§930 Inspection Demands
§931 Demand for Production of Documents
§932 Spoliation of Evidence
§932.1 Independent Tort Actions
§932.2 Court Rendered Sanctions
§932.3 Adverse Inference
§940 Requests for Admissions
§941.1 Derivation
§941.2 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
§942 Procedures
§942.1 Strategies and Tactics
Case 1: Hotel Shower
§942.2 Protective Orders and Objections
§942.3 Timing and Limits
§942.4 Format of Requests
§942.5 Coordination with Other Discovery
§950 Sample Discovery
§951 Interrogatories—Plaintiff to Defendant
Sample: Interrogatories
§952 Short Form Interrogatories
Sample: Short Form Interrogatories
§953 Notice to Produce
Sample: Notice to Produce
§953.1 Sample Document List for Production by Retailer
§954 Inspection Demand
Sample: Demand for Entry on and Inspection of Property
§955 Sample Protective Order (Trade Secrets)
§960 Written Discovery Illustration—Exposed Bolts
Picture: Exposed Bolt Head
§961 Special Interrogatories
§962 Demand for Production of Documents
§963 Requests for Admissions

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