The HR I.Q. Test.

  1. Among companies that don't require COVID vaccinations for staff, what is their #1 concern about such mandates?

    1. Difficulty recruiting

    2. Loss of current staff

    3. Challenges with testing option

  2. The current overtime threshold for white-collar employees is $35,568 per year. New rules coming soon are expected to change that to near:

    1. $50,000

    2. $29,000

    3. $71,000

  3. About 70% of workers say they adopt a different personality at work. Which of these do employees say they're most likely to hide from co-workers?

    1. Sexual orientation

    2. Religion

    3. Political views

  4. What's the most common cause of workplace injuries?

    1. Overexertion

    2. Slips, trips and falls

    3. Struck by an object

  5. In which state are employers having the hardest time finding and hiring employees--and in which state is it the easiest?

    1. Hardest: Georgia; Easiest: Delaware

    2. Hardest: Alaska; Easiest: District of Columbia

    3. Hardest: Texas; Easiest: New York


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  10. WalletHub survey

    Answers: 1. b 2. a 3. c 4. a 5. b

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