The HR I.Q. Test.

  1. A new federal law says employers can no longer mandate arbitration for ___ claims.

    1. Wage-and-hour

    2. COVID

    3. Sexual harassment

  2. A nonexempt employee can waive his or her right to receive overtime pay, as long as the waiver is in writing.

    1. True

    2. False

  3. When asked which workplace changes they'd make if they were the boss, what top two things (in order) did employees say?

    1. Raise pay, improve the culture

    2. Create goals for employees, raise pay

    3. Upgrade technology, fewer meetings

  4. Friday is the least productive day for employees, according to HR professionals. What is employees' most productive day?

    1. Tuesday

    2. Wednesday

    3. Thursday

  5. The top three cities (in order) with the happiest workforces, based on various comp and work/life factors:

    1. San Diego, Chicago, Miami

    2. Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland

    3. Dallas, New York City, Houston


  6. HR Specialist (see p. 2)

  7. Department of Labor

  8. ResumeLab survey

  9. Robert Half survey

  10. Lensa survey

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