Settlements: compromise and release, and stipulated findings & award

AuthorDavid L. Pollak/Roger A. Tolman, Jr./Monika R. Reyes
Compromise and Release, and Stipulated Findings & Award
§15:01 Overview
A. Execution & Approval
§15:10 Cannot Settle Prospective Liability, But Can Settle Past
§15:11 Board Approval Required
§15:12 Execution Requirements: Written (Board Form), Signed, Witnessed or Acknowledged;
E-Filed Settlement Documents
§15:13 Required Contents
§15:14 Addenda; Resignation Clauses; C&Rs With Open Medical; Other Provisions
§15:15 Medical Reports Must Be Filed and Served With the C&R
§15:16 Service on Lien Claimants; Parties’ Obligation to File Unf‌iled Liens
§15:17 Additional Materials Needed in Pro Per Cases
§15:18 Interpreters
§15:19 Amended Orders Approving Compromise and Release
§15:20 Commissioners’ Conference
B. Procedures for Approval of Settlement Agreements
§15:30 Assignment to WCJ for Review
§15:31 Inquiry Into Adequacy; Use of I&A Off‌ice and DEU
§15:32 “Raising” C&R; Unilateral Changes by WCJ Prohibited
§15:33 “Employer’s Bill of Rights”
§15:34 Orders Suspending Action; Adequacy Hearings
§15:35 Reasons for Determination of Adequacy Issue
§15:36 C&R With Uninsured Employer — Certif‌ied Checks Required
§15:37 Request for Attorney’s Fee
§15:38 [Reserved]
§15:39 Orders Approving C&R; Special Requirements re OACRs in UEF Settlements
§15:40 Expediting Approval — “Rotation”
§15:41 Uniform Walk-Through Documents Procedures
C. Legal Effect of C&R; Struc tures, Set-Asides and other Special Provisions
§15:50 Scope of Settlement; Effect of Settlement on Subsequent Claims
§15:51 Death Benef‌its Also Settled
§15:52 Non-Settling Parties Unaffected by C&R
§15:53 Penalty Claims Under LC §§132a and 5814
§15:54 Effect of C&R on Civil Suits
§15:55 Effect of Civil Settlements on Workers’ Compensation Claim
§15:56 Credit for PD Paid
§15:57 Settlement of Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher
California Workers’ Compensation 15-2
§15:58 Social Security Disability Benef‌its and Medicare; Set-Aside Agreements
§15:59 Structured Settlements in Catastrophic Cases
§15:60 Effect of WCAB Settlement Proceeds on Division of Marital Property
§15:61 Effect of C&R on Admissibility of Medical Reports
§15:62 Effect of C&R on Unf‌iled Liens
§15:63 California Insurance Guarantee Association (CIGA) — Effect on Joint and Several Liability
D. Factors Considered in Determining Adequacy of Settlements
§15:70 General Considerations; WCJ Expected to Approve Adequate Settlements
§15:71 Range of Disability
§15:72 No C&R Before P&S in Most Cases
§15:73 Contested Injury Cases: “Cashing Out” the Right to Medical Treatment
E. Disposition of Lien Claims
§15:80 Generally — Settlement of Liens; Written Settlement Agreements
§15:81 Service of C&R and Medical Reports on Lien Claimants and “Bill Claimants”
§15:82 Good Faith Effort to Resolve Liens No Longer Required
§15:83 Deferral of Liens; Effect of C&R on Unf‌iled Liens
§15:84 Deferral on Good Cause — The Promise to Pay
§15:85 Hold Harmless and “Pay, Adjust or Litigate” Clauses
§15:86 No Civil Recovery by Medical Provider Once Lien Is Filed
§15:87 Lien Claim Trials
§15:88 Partial Reduction Statutorily Allowed: EDD Liens
§15:89 Partial Reduction Statutorily Allowed: Group and Disability Liens
§15:90 Potential Lien Recoveries Included in “Potential Future Recovery”
§15:91 Potential Recovery Only, Not Amounts Paid
§15:92 Service Requirements Where Baird or Gregory Formula Applied
F. Setting Aside C&R
§15:100 Grounds for Rescinding C&R, No Restitution Requirement
§15:101 Withdrawal From Settlement Prior to Approval
§15:102 Withdrawal Requests Before Reconsideration Deadline Has Passed
§15:103 On Reopening
§15:104 Following Five-Year Jurisdictional Period
G. Death of Worker After Signing But Before Approval
§15:110 Board’s Discretion Not Affected
§15:111 Board May Order Agreement to Be Filed
H. Payment of Set tlement Proceeds
§15:112 Acceptable Forms of Payment
§15:113 Liability for Forged Settlement Checks and Mistaken Payments
§15:120 Board Power Over Funds of Minor or Incompetent
§15:121 Lump Sums to SCIF
§15:130 Forms
§15:130.1 Adequacy of Stipulated Award
§15:131 Provision for Further Medical Treatment in the Stipulated Award
§15:132 For Reopening
§15:133 Unresolved Issues; Penalty Waivers
§15:134 Admitted Matters; Injured Body Parts Listed in Stipulated Award
§15:135 Setting Aside Stipulated Awards
§15:136 Effect of Stipulations on Nonparticipating Parties
15-3 Settlements: Compromise and Release, and Stipulated Findings & Award
15.1 Compromise and Release (DWC-CA Form 10214(c))
15.2 Compromise and Release (Dependency Claim) (DWC-CA Form 10214(d))
15.3 Order Approving Compromise and Release
15.4 Characterization of Settlement Proceeds
15.5 [Reserved]
15.6 Informed Consent
15.7 [Reserved]
15.8 Request for and Consent to Release of Information from Individual’s Records
(Veteran’s Administration) (VA Form 3288)
15.9 Release of Medical Information
15.10 Lien Aff‌idavit
15.11 Stipulations With Request for Award (DWC-CA Form 10214(a))
15.12 Stipulations With Request for Award, Post 1/1/13 (DWC-CA Form 10214(a))
15.13 Stipulations With Request for Award (Death Case) (DWC-CA Form 10214(b))

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