Set limits on remote worker moonlighting.

A growing number of telecommuters have quietly found a unique way to double their pay. As the Wall Street Journal recently noted, "a small, dedicated group of white-collar workers, in industries from tech to banking to insurance, are working two full-time remote jobs ... alone in their homes, they toggle between two laptops."

You can restrict this kind of digital moonlighting, and even set limits on remote workers who work a part-time side gig. Employers are within their rights to require remote employees to give the work the attention it deserves. After all, you're paying for full-time work; you can insist on a full-time effort. Here's how to regain control:

  1. Establish a remote work agreement. It should set your expectation that this will be the person's primary job. Make clear the hours you expect and that employees can't work a second job while on a leave of absence. Consider a clause that requires your OK for any other employment. Have your attorney review your pact. Find a customizable sample agreement at

  2. Terminate--or make 'em choose. If you catch a moonlighting double-dipper, you have options...

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