Problems and Exercises

AuthorStephen M. Johnson
Problems and Exercises
Chapter 1
Research Problem: Finding agency reports online; Finding agency guidance
documents online
CALI Chapter Quiz
Chapter 2
Research Problem: Finding international materials online
Research Problem: Finding agency contacts - offices and phone numbers
Professionalism Hypothetical: Model Rule 1.1
CALI Chapter Quiz
Chapter 3
Research Problem: Finding rules using; Finding information
in the rulemaking dockets on
Drafting Exercise: Drafting a comment on a proposed rulemaking
Hypothetical: Rulemaking v. adjudication; Formal v. informal
Hypothetical: Standards of review for agency decision-making
(Chevron, Skidmore, etc.)
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Chapter 4
Research Problem: Finding jurisdictional determinations online
Professionalism Hypothetical: Model Rule 4.2
Hypothetical: Waters of the United States
CALI Section Quiz
CALI Chapter Quiz
Chapter 5
Professionalism Hypothetical: Model Rule 1.6
Hypothetical: Regulated Activities
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