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AuthorStephen M. Johnson
Audio/Video Materials
Interviews: Alexandra Dapolito Dunn, Director and General Counsel, Environmental
Council of the States
Chapter 7: discusses State wetland mitigation programs, in
contrast to the federal program
Chapter 9: discusses regional and other variations in the attitudes
that States take toward wetlands regulation;
discusses whether many States operate their own State
wetland permitting programs and generally describes
the State programs;
discusses the most effective tools that States are using
to protect wetlands;
discusses the greatest impediments to wetland
protection in the States;
discusses the Association of Wetlands Managers and
the role they play in wetland protection; impediments to
assumption by States of the 404 permitting program;
discusses the way in which States use the 401
certification process to protect wetlands.
Jan Goldman Carter, Senior Manager and Counsel, National Wildlife
Federation Wetlands and Water Resources Program:
Chapter 1: discusses the value of a scientific background for a
career in environmental law;
discusses the judicial and legislative understanding of,
and receptivity to, scientific issues involving wetlands.
Chapter 4: discusses the importance of the Clean Water Act’s
“waters of the United States” language as a foundation

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