Prepare for more lawsuits objecting to DEI.

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court decided two religious-freedom and -discrimination cases. One allowed a web designer to decline to serve customers if the assignment went against her religious beliefs. The other made it harder for employers to refuse to accommodate a worker's religious beliefs.

Now, a freshly filed federal discrimination lawsuit brings the two principles together for the first time. A woman who was fired for refusing to follow her employer's diversity, equity and inclusion guidelines while recruiting applicants has sued. She claims her employer wrongly denied her request to be exempted from job duties that conflict with her religious beliefs.

Recent case: Courtney was a recruiter for Compass Group, an international food service company. Compass created a DEI program dubbed "Operation Equity." It offered training and mentorship opportunities to women and people of color, with the promise of a promotion to candidates who completed the program. Courtney's job was to handle internal promotions.

She asked the company to exclude her from working on the program. She believes the program is discriminatory and contrary to her sincerely held religious belief that no group should be excluded from opportunities. Soon after she asked for accommodation, Compass Group fired her.


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