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AuthorBarry Boss/Jeffrey H. Rutherford/Michael J. Proctor
This edition of Federal Criminal Practice includes new and updated text throughout the book and nine
new forms. The highlights include:
When the prosecutor violates grand jury guidelines
Disclosure of grand jury proceedings requires showing of particularized need
Conf‌inement for civil contempt
Defendant must f‌ile a motion to remedy a delayed indictment
Constructive amendment of indictment at trial is reversible error
Duplicitous counts – move to dismiss or to require government to elect
Brady procedure under amendment to Fed. R. Crim. Pro. 5
Notice provisions of the Federal Rules of Evidence
Impeachment by evidence of a criminal conviction (FRE 609(b))
When the sentencing court disagrees with the Guidelines
Armed Career Criminal Act: what constitutes a “violent felony”; what counts as a “separate and distinct”
Commonly relied upon grounds for downward variances, including medical condition; mental/emotional
condition at the time of the offense; troubled or traumatic childhood; charitable acts.
Mandatory minimums: First Step Act “safety valve” for f‌irst-time drug offenders
Compassionate release
PS2 Pretrial Services Agency Questionnaire
Statement of Constitutional Rights
Consent to Video or Telephonic Appearance
Waiver of Indictment
Sample 1 - Joint Defense/Common Interest Agreement
Sample 2 - Joint Defense/Common Interest Agreement
General Order re: Case Assignment
Waiver of Indictment
Waiver of Jury and Factual Findings
And more!
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