Must-Have Features for Your Collaboration Tools

AuthorDennis Kennedy - Tom Mighell
Must-Have Features for
Your Collaboration Tools
In this chapter, you will learn how to make good choices when
identifying and implementing collaboration tools in your prac-
tice or company. We’ll highlight those features of collaboration
technologies we consider to be must-haves, and provide a sim-
ple “feature calculator” table to help you compare the different
tools you are considering.
Although everyone’s collaboration needs are different,
there are some general features we believe are essential, no
matter which tools you choose. We have touched on many of
these features in previous chapters, but in this chapter we’ll
be more explicit. Consider this chapter as the starting point to
begin developing your collaboration strategy, and a good way
to organize your thinking. In some cases, the tools already used
by your collaborators will drive your decisions. However, the
collaboration tool (or tools) that brings you the best results
will be the one that embodies most of the features we discuss
in this chapter.
No—or Very Small—Barriers to Entry
Barriers to entry include costs, new software or hardware
implementation, training requirements, cultural changes, time
delays, and a variety of other factors. Collaboration is about
working together, and any tool that makes it easier to work
together is always better than one that makes it more difficult.
It is surprising how that point is often lost when people evalu-
ate and discuss collaboration tools.

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