Involving Clients in Your Decisions

AuthorDennis Kennedy - Tom Mighell
Involving Clients in
Your Decisions
To introduce this chapter, let’s take a look at what many
believe is the biggest sea change in the history of legal technol-
ogy. Throughout the 1990s, some estimated that more than 80
percent of law firms used WordPerfect for word processing. In
fact, WordPerfect dominated the legal market. As we entered
the twenty-first century, however, the tables turned—and in a
dramatic way. Over the next few years, Microsoft Word caught
up with and passed WordPerfect in market share, and Word
now holds a greater share of the legal market than WordPerfect
ever experienced. It is instructive to think about the reasons
for that change.
Lawyers (in rare, but quite feisty pockets) continue to
debate the relative merits of both products. Corel certainly
made some missteps with WordPerfect, and its initial move to
Windows was something of a disaster. Further, Microsoft cer-
tainly benefited from the dominance of Windows and bundling
arrangements with manufacturers of new PCs. The biggest
factor in the change, however, had little to do with technology
markets. It had everything to do with the demands of the cli-
ents, who were moving to Word in droves. As statistics showed
that the vast majority of businesses (i.e., clients and potential
clients of law firms) used Microsoft Word, and lawyers and
their clients began to exchange electronic documents by email,
the writing was on the wall for WordPerfect. In retrospect,
what first appeared to be an unexpected sea change in technol-
ogy now seems quite predictable and expected.

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