Issue Information

Published date01 May 2017
Date01 May 2017
Industrial Relations Journal 48:3
ISSN 0019-8692
Organised decentralisation, uneven outcomes: employment relations
in the Italian public health sector 196
Manuela Galetto
Danish flexicurity: preconditions and future prospects 218
Per H. Jensen
The new American way—how changes in labour law are
increasing inequality 231
Mark Stelzner
The compliance model of employment standards enforcement:
an evidence-based assessment of its efficacy in instances of wage theft 256
Leah F. Vosko, John Grundy, Eric Tucker, Mark P. Thomas,
Andrea M. Noack, Rebecca Casey, Mary Gellatly and Jennifer Mussell
The Petroleum Driver Passport scheme: a case study in reregulation 274
Edmund Heery, Leon Gooberman and Marco Hauptmeier

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