Ingredients for the Success of an E‐Government Website

Date01 March 2014
Published date01 March 2014
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Sehl Mellouli is professor in the
Information Systems Department at Laval
University, Canada. His research interests
focus on e-government, smart cities,
intelligent systems, and knowledge man-
agement. He has had several publications
in well-known journals and conferences.
He is a member of the board of the Digital
Government Society and the eGovPolinet
research consortium and a former member
of the North American Digital Government
Electronic government, or e-government, is an
expanding set of tools and administrative poli-
cies that governments have adopted in order
to improve their quality of service delivery to their
clients (citizens/enterprises) (Mellouli and Bouslama
2009) while reducing their costs (Fernandez and
J. Ramon Gil-Garcia, Enacting Electronic Govern-
ment Success: An Integrative Study of Govern-
ment-wide Websites, Organizational Capabilities,
and Institutions (New York: Springer, 2012). 271
pp. $179.00 (cloth), ISBN: 9781461420149;
$139.00 (eBook), ISBN: 9781461420156.
Ingredients for the Success of an E-Government Website
Sonia M. Ospina and Rogan Kersh, Editors
Sehl Mellouli
Laval University, Canada

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