AuthorJennifer Duncan-Brice
Def‌inition: Immunities bar or limit liability of certain entities and parties.
Scope of Chapter: Most of the immunity provisions are created by the legislature and apply to governmental bodies.
The philosophy behind the creation of a governmental immunity is that because governmental entities have limited
resources, their liability must be limited to ensure the ability of the body to perform its governmental functions. Other
immunities encourage certain actions or activities deemed desirable by the legislature by protecting people who engage
in them, such as good Samaritans and reporters of suspected child abuse and neglect. Finally a few immunities have
survived the common law, such as judicial immunity.
Strategies and Tactics: Some immunities are an absolute bar to an action and can be asserted as an aff‌irmative
defense or the basis of a motion to dismiss. Other immunities raise questions of fact that are resolved by a jury but still
must be raised as an aff‌irmative defense. If the immunity is not raised, it can be waived. When assessing the value of a
case or the likelihood of success, any applicable immunity should be carefully reviewed.
Statutes and Rules: 210 ILCS 30/8, 210 ILCS 50/3.150, 210 ILCS 85/10.2, 225 ILCS 60/5, 325 ILCS 2/25
and 2/27, 325 ILCS 5/1 and 5/9, 625 ILCS 5/11-205, 625 ILCS 5/11-500.1, 625 ILCS 5/18c-7401(3), 745
ILCS 5/0.01, 745 ILCS 10/1-101, 745 ILCS 15/0.01, 745 ILCS 19/1, 745 ILCS 22/1, 745 ILCS 30/0.01, 745 ILCS
35/1, 745 ILCS 38/1, 745 ILCS 40/0.01, 745 ILC43/1, 745 ILCS 43/1, 745 ILCS 45/0.01, 745 ILCS 46/1, 745
ILCS 47/1, 745 ILCS 49/1, 745 ILCS 50/1, 745 ILCS 52/1, 745 ILCS 55/1, 745 ILCS 60/0.01, 734 ILCS 65/1,
745 ILCS 70/1, 745 ILCS 72/1, 745 ILCS 75/0.01, 745 ILCS 80/0.01, 750 ILCS 60/305.
Related Topics: Taking the Case, Ch 1; Attacking the Pleadings, Ch 15; Summary Judgment Ch 30.
A. Overview
§4:01 Background
§4:02 Sources of Specif‌ic Immunities
B. Effect
§4:10 Derogation of the Common Law
§4:11 Aff‌irmative Matters
§4:12 Immunity vs. Duty
§4:13 Two Conf‌licting Immunities
§4:14 Municipal Corporation Seeks Relief
Illinois Pretrial Practice 4-2
A. General Points
§4:20 State Has Immunity Except…
§4:21 Illinois Public Labor Relations Act
§4:22 Court of Claims Act
§4:23 State Can Choose to Be a Party
§4:24 Off‌icer Suit Exception
B. Waiver
§4:30 No Waiver of Immunity by State
§4:31 Waiver by Legislature
C. Actions Against State Agents or Employees
§4:40 State Agents or Employees
§4:41 Determination if Action Is Against State
§4:42 Violation of Statutory or Constitutional Laws
§4:43 Independent Contractors
§4:44 Circumstances of Activity
§4:45 Off‌icer Suit Exception
D. Injunctive and Declaratory Relief
§4:50 Injunctive Relief
§4:51 Who Can File an Injunction?
§4:52 Declaratory Relief
A. In General
§4:60 General Purpose
§4:61 Def‌inition of Employee
§4:62 Def‌inition of Injury
§4:63 Def‌inition of Local Public Entity
§4:64 Def‌inition of Willful and Wanton Conduct
B. General Immunities Directed to Local Public Entities and Employees
§4:70 Application of the Act
§4:71 Punitive Damages
§4:72 Enactments, Laws, Permits, Licenses, etc.
§4:73 Inspection of Property
§4:74 Libel and Slander
§4:75 Public Entity Not Liable if Employee Is Not
§4:76 Exercise of Discretion
§4:77 Ministerial Decisions
§4:78 Execution and Enforcement of the Law
§4:79 Proceeding Under Invalid Enactment
§4:80 Acts or Omissions of Another
§4:81 Instituting Judicial, Administrative Proceedings or Legislative
§4:82 Authorized Entry Upon Property
§4:83 Negligent Provision of Information
§4:84 School Safety Patrol
§4:85 Court Volunteers
§4:86 Defense of Actions Against Employees and Indemnif‌ication
§4:87 Statute of Limitations
§4:88 Actions Not Based in Tort
C. Immunities Regarding Public Property
§4:100 Public Property Def‌ined
§4:101 Maintenance of Public Property
§4:102 Defective Condition of Property
§4:103 Intended and Permitted User of Property
§4:104 Discretionary vs. Ministerial Acts Concerning Property
4-3 Immunities
§4:105 De Minimus Defect in Property
§4:106 Natural vs. Unnatural Accumulation on Property
§4:107 Plan or Design Improvement of Property
§4:108 Failure to Provide Traff‌ic Signals and Signs
§4:109 Use of Streets
§4:110 Property Used for Recreational Purposes
§4:111 Access Roads or Trails
§4:112 Supervision of Activity
§4:113 Hazardous Recreational Activities
§4:114 Water Not Owned
D. Immunities Regarding Police and Correctional Facilities
§4:120 Failure to Provide Police Protection
§4:121 Failure to Provide a Jail Detention or Correctional Facility
§4:122 Interference With Judicial Decision
§4:123 Provision of Medical Care
§4:124 Parole and Escaped Prisoners
§4:125 Failure to Arrest or Releasing a Person in Custody
§4:126 Immunity for Transit Authorities
E. Fire Protection and Rescue Services
§4:130 Fire Department and Emergency Services
§4:131 Failure to Suppress or Contain Fire
§4:132 Condition of Equipment or Facilities and Acts or Omissions
§4:133 Damage to Roads or Bridges by Fire Fighting Equipment
§4:134 Emergency Calls
F. Medical, Hospital, and Public Health Activities
§4:140 Judicial Interference
§4:141 Communicable Diseases
§4:142 Physical and Mental Examinations
§4:143 Liability Surrounding Conf‌inement
G. Public and Community Service Programs
§4:150 Public or Community Service
H. Tort Liability Under Agreements Between Public Entities
§4:160 Authorization
§4:161 Application
I. Payment of Claims and Judgments
§4:170 Payment of Judgments or Settlements
§4:171 Payment of Judgments and Statute of Limitations
§4:172 Purchase of Insurance
A. Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act
§4:180 Policy
§4:181 Immunity for Relinquishing Person
§4:182 Immunity of Facility and Personnel
B. Abortion Performance Refusal Act
§4:190 Immunity
C. Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act
§4:200 Immunity
§4:201 Presumption of Good Faith
§4:202 Treatment vs. Diagnoses
D. Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Intervenor and Reporter Immunity
§4:210 Policy
§4:211 Persons Covered
§4:212 Immunity

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