Health, IT, transportation top list of America's most in-demand occupations.

Employers are desperately seeking applicants to fill jobs in the health-care and information technology fields, followed closely by applicants for truck-driving jobs. That's according to an analysis of job-posting click data and Google searches by the job-search site

Top 10 most in-demand job categories

  1. Health diagnosing and treating practitioners

  2. Computer occupations

  3. Motor vehicle operators

  4. Information and records clerks

  5. Other management occupations

  6. Health technologists and technicians

  7. Business operations specialists

  8. Retail sales workers

  9. Operations specialties managers

  10. Financial specialists

Numbers behind the numbers

The health practitioners category includes doctors, nurses and mental-health professionals. The category registered the greatest employer interest by far, generating more than 4.7 million web clicks.

Up next are computer occupations, with roles ranging from software and app...

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