Future Emerging Risks?

PositionHINDSIGHT - Brief article

The World Economic Form's Global Risk Report 2019 speculated about 10 global crisis scenarios that could occur in the years to come. Presented in no particular order of likelihood or severity, these potential "future shocks" build on current risk trends and could fundamentally disrupt business and society should they become reality:

  1. Use of weather manipulation tools stokes geopolitical tensions

  2. Quantum computing renders current cryptography obsolete

  3. Widening gulf between urban and rural areas reaches a tipping point

  4. Food supply disruption emerges as geo-economic tensions intensify

  5. Advanced and pervasive biometric surveillance allows new forms of social control

  6. Major cities struggle to cope in the face of the ever-present risk of water running out

  7. Low-Earth orbit becomes a venue for geopolitical conflict

  8. AI that can recognize and respond to emotions...

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