Editor's Note

Published date01 March 2014
Date01 March 2014
Editor’s Note
Under the editorial sponsorship of the Royal Institute of ailand, World Food Policy
(WFP) is published by the Policy Studies Organization (PSO), as part of the PSO’s eort to
disseminate scholarship and information to serve those making, evaluating and studying
policies in the food sector.
WFP welcomes articles, which explore various aspects of policies and decisions that aect
food systems at the global, regional and transnational levels, including comparative nation-
al food policies and policies pertaining to non-food commodities with noticeable impact
on the world food markets.
e editorial process of WFP is overseen by an international editorial board of renowned
experts in dierent elds to ensure the publication of a scholarly peer-reviewed, multidis-
ciplinary journal. Communicability among scholars and practitioners from various dis-
ciplines and sectors is the guiding principle in the selection and editing of papers to be
published in the journal. Rigor will not be sacriced, but technical jargons specic to any
particular eld and mathematical expressions (beyond simple equations) should be avoid-
ed, and if absolutely unavoidable, should be carefully explained. Articles while based on
sound analysis should provide insights useful for practical policy making.
To launch the journal, WFP has invited a number of leading scholars to write for the rst
two inaugural issues. is rst one will look at the food sector from global perspectives,
while the next one, to be published in the autumn of 2014, explores food policies from
regional and national perspectives. WFP will accept submissions of papers for subsequent
issues, beginning with WFP volume 2, number 1, Spring 2015.
e editors hope that WFP will help provide a multi-disciplinary forum for generating the
analysis and understanding of global trends as well as regional and local forces shaping food
and food policies around the world.

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