Editor's note.

AuthorMoriarty, Marina

To the Reader:

Welcome to volume XI of the Suffolk Journal of Trial and Appellate Advocacy. As a product of the Suffolk University Law School Moot Court Board, the Journal is committed to publishing scholarly, yet practical articles relevant to current litigation issues. The Editorial Board hopes that both practitioners and educators will find the articles insightful and useful in daily practice.

Trial and appellate advocacy encompasses nearly every aspect of litigation. The wide variety of articles in this volume reflect the diversity of issues that arise in a court proceeding. The articles address topics ranging from land use restrictions, to the death penalty to securities fraud litigation. This array is what makes our publication so unique--and so valuable.

This year's production of the Journal would not have been possible without the talents and collaboration of the writers and Editorial Board. Much of this year's success is invisible to the reader: each Board member committed time and...

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