Business Litigation

AuthorCindy Stormer
I. General Points
§4:01 Litigation Issues Unique to Businesses
§4:02 Foreign Corporations
II. Initiating Business Litigation
A. Tolling the Limitations Period
1. General Points
§4:10 Tolling Provisions Must Be Pleaded
§4:11 Tolling Despite Commencement of Suit
§4:12 Statutes of Repose (Persons Protected)
2. Defendant’s Absence
§4:20 Defendant’s Absence From State
§4:21 Absence Does Not Toll With Real Estate
§4:22 Tolling for Absence Applicable Only to Individuals
3. Disability and Minority
§4:30 Minority and Unsoundness of Mind
§4:31 Married Minors
§4:32 Disability Must Exist at Accrual of Action
4. Other Bases for Tolling
§4:40 Fraud
§4:41 Death
§4:42 Filing in Wrong Court
§4:43 Agreement of the Parties
§4:44 Related Counterclaims and Cross-Claims
B. Selecting the Court
§4:50 Corporations
§4:51 Partnerships
§4:52 A Business’s “Principal Office”
§4:53 Tort and Contract Actions
§4:54 Long-Arm Jurisdiction
C. Identifying the Business
§4:60 Assumed Names
§4:61 Suing a Corporation
§4:62 Suing a Partnership
§4:63 Misnomer
§4:64 Relation Back When a Party Is Misidentified
§4:65 Capacity
D. Serving a Corporation
§4:70 Whom to Serve
§4:71 Substituted Service on the Secretary of State
§4:72 Service by Publication or Posting
E. Other Issues
§4:80 Corporation Must Be Represented by an Attorney
§4:81 Failure to Pay Franchise Taxes
§4:82 Personal Liability When the Franchise Tax Is Not Paid
§4:83 Suing a Dissolved Corporation
§4:84 Spoliation
§4:85 Shareholders
§4:86 Investigating the Defendant’s Finances
§4:87 Discovery
§4:88 Right to Repair
III. Typical Business Litigation Actions
A. Notes & Leases
§4:90 Promissory Notes
§4:91 Leases
B. Mechanic’s, Contractor’s, and Materialman’s Liens
1. General Points
§4:100 Authority and Construction
§4:101 Obtaining a Mechanic’s Lien
§4:102 Perfecting the Mechanic’s Lien
§4:103 Notice of the Lien
§4:104 Necessity of Dealing With the Owner (Quantum Meruit)
§4:105 Foreclosing on a Lien
§4:106 Sham Contracts to Prevent a Lien
§4:107 Releasing a Lien
2. Specific Types of Property
§4:110 Abandoned Property
§4:111 Liens on Homesteads
§4:112 The Affidavit for a Homestead Lien
§4:113 Liens on Vehicles
§4:114 Liens on Fixtures
§4:115 Liens on Services to Horse Owners
C. Contracts
§4:120 Statutes of Limitations
§4:121 Changing the Limitation Period
§4:122 Contracts to Arbitrate a Dispute
§4:123 Contracts Affecting Jurisdiction
§4:124 Elements for a Breach of Contract Action
§4:125 Installment Contracts
§4:126 Assignment of Contract Claims
§4:127 Attorney Fees
§4:128 Artistic Work
§4:129 Workers’ Compensation
D. Torts
1. General Points
§4:130 Statute of Limitations
§4:131 Fraudulent Concealment
§4:132 Insurance Coverage
§4:133 Mental Anguish
§4:134 Keep Tort Issues in Mind in Business Litigation
2. Defamation
§4:140 Definitions
§4:141 Slander Per Se
§4:142 Publication
§4:143 Defenses
§4:144 Privileged Matters
§4:145 Business Disparagement
3. Negligence
§4:150 Gross Negligence
§4:151 Negligent Misrepresentation
§4:152 Damage, Loss or Delay of Property Transported Interstate
4. Other Torts
§4:160 Fraud
§4:161 Civil Conspiracy
§4:162 Conversion
§4:163 Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process
§4:164 Nuisance
§4:165 Tortious Interference With Business Relations
§4:166 Tortious Interference With a Contract
§4:167 Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
§4:168 Continuing Torts
E. Bankruptcy
§4:170 Types of Bankruptcy
§4:171 Bankruptcy Documents
§4:172 Exempt Property Alternatives
§4:173 Texas Exemptions
§4:174 Initial Bankruptcy Interview
§4:175 Representing a Creditor
§4:176 Electronic Filing
§4:177 Motion to Lift Stay
§4:178 Debts Not Dischargeable
F. Copyright, Patents, and Trademarks
§4:180 Distinguishing Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks
§4:181 Copyrights
§4:182 Copyright Notice
§4:183 The Application
G. Oil and Gas
§4:190 The Surface Lease
IV. Pleadings and Judgments
§4:200 Estoppel
§4:201 Attaching Documents to the Pleadings
§4:202 Declaratory Judgments
§4:203 Summary Judgments
§4:204 Motion for JNOV

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