Advance Praise For How To Succeed As A Trial Lawyer

AuthorStewart I. Edelstein
ProfessionCommercial trial lawyer
“When it comes to litigation, How to Succeed as a Trial Lawyer provides
the most—and the most usef ul—advice you will ever find between two
covers. It is a must for every trial law yer’s bookshelf.”
Professor Steven Lubet, author of many articles
and books on litigation-related topics, including
Modern Advocacy: Analysis and Practice, 4th ed.
“For any aspiring trial lawyer, How to Succeed as a Trial Lawyer includes
everything you need to know that you didn’t learn in law school. It is
fantastical ly organized, refreshingly stra ightforward, and includes eas y-
to-use practice checklists at the end of every chapter. It will be on my
bookshelf (or more likely my desk—because I will be look ing something
up!) for many years to come.”
—Nila Bala, Yale Law School Class of 2012
“This is the book I wish I had in my first 10 years as a trial lawyer.
It’s also the book I wish I could have handed out to trial law yers while
I was on the bench. Edelstein is thorough, concise, sh rewd, and wise.
The helpful table of contents makes this an efficient handbook, and
using it will prevent many a pitfa ll. Whether the topic is management of
emails, draf ting settlement agreements, dealing with judicial quest ions
at oral argument, or stipulat ions at depositions, Edelstein has thought it
through and knows what works. H is straightforward, approachable style
makes How to Succeed as a Trial Lawyer a pleasure to read.”
Beverly Hodgson, arbitrator, mediator, former
Connect icut Superior Court Judge
“Stewart Edelstein, a veteran civil litigator, trial law yer, and teacher,
has written an i nteresting and informative text, How to Succeed as a Trial
Lawyer. Not a traditional text on civil litigation or trial advocacy, How
to Succeed as a Trial Lawyer contains numerous pearls of wisdom, in
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