AuthorStewart I. Edelstein
ProfessionCommercial trial lawyer
So you want to succeed as a trial law yer! It would so helpful for any
aspiring trial lawyer to have a mentor on standby for practical advice
whenever needed. This is that mentor. In your career, you will confront
a host of issues. You need to be prepared to deal with them.
Do you know what to do?
• As you are draft ing a complaint, you are in a quandary about
what to allege, which causes of action to assert, which defen-
dants to sue, where to bring the act ion, and what you need to
discuss with your client. See Chapter 3(C).
• You have just received an antagonistic email from opposing
counsel. See Chapter 3(B), section 2.
• You are about to communicate with your expert, and you must
determine whether that communication will be within work
product protection. See Chapter 2(D).
• You just realized that you inadvertently produced to opposing coun sel
ESI within t he attorney/client privilege. See Chapter 4(G), section 7.
• Your client complains that compliance with opposing coun sel’s request
for ESI would be prohibitively expensive. See Chapter 4(G), section 6.
• In negotiating a matter in which you represent more than one
client, opposing counsel proposes a settlement that treats some
of your clients disproportionately. See Chapter 5(A), section 6.
• At mediation, you have reached an impasse. See Chapter 5(B),
sec tion 5.
• Your client is in arrears in paying your bills. See Chapter 1(G).
• You need to prepare an opening statement and a closing argu-
ment in a jury trial. See Chapter 6(A), sections 3 and 4.
• At trial, opposing counsel seeks to put in rebuttal evidence.
See Chapter 6(C), section 14.
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