ADA: Consider hybrid work as possible reasonable accommodation for some disabilities.

Under the ADA, disabled workers may be entitled to modified work schedules if it will let them perform the essential functions of their jobs. Sometimes, a hybrid schedule--working sometimes in person and sometimes at home--may be a reasonable ADA accommodation.

Recent case: Dionne worked for the U.S. Postal Service in a job that required working onsite in an office, with occasional local travel. She had a nerve disorder that tended to flare up in the early morning. She was reluctant to drive before noon. She asked her supervisor to approve a hybrid schedule, working at home in the morning and on site in the afternoon.

Her request was denied; she was verbally told being in the office and traveling locally were essential job functions.

Dionne sued, alleging failure to accommodate her disability. The trial court ruled against her, so she appealed.

The 5th...

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