AuthorLanning G. Bryer/Scott J. Lebson/Matthew D. Asbell
ProfessionPartner in the New York office of Ladas & Parry LLP and is Director of the firm's Mergers, Acquisitions, and Licensing Group/Partner in the Mergers, Acquisitions, and Licensing Group of Ladas & Parry LLP/Associate in the New York office of Ladas & Parry LLP, primarily practicing in the area of domestic and international trademark law
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The editors of this book owe significant debts of gratitude to many people, with-
out whose time and effort this work would not have been possible.
We are deeply appreciative of the ma ny contributors who submitted ch apters,
and sections of chapters, to make this work what it is. In addition to those who con-
tributed to this book, we are also grateful for the significant contributions of the
authors of the companion volume, Intellectual Property Strategies for the 21st Cen-
tury Corporation. We further recognize the sacrifices of the various employers with
which our contributors are affiliated, although the contents of this book do not nec-
essarily reflect their views.
The editors wish to express their sincerest appreciation to the following law
students and recent graduates for their tireless efforts in organizing, researching,
drafting, critiquing, and handling necessary correspondence regarding this
book: Ms. Ilaria Ferrarini, Mr. Ari Abramowitz, Ms. Marie Flandin, Ms. Caroline
Camp, Mr. Alex Silverman, Mr. Jason Kreps, Ms. Shefali Sewak, Ms. Rachelle
Fernandes, Ms. Olivia Ruiz-Joffre, Ms. Angela Lam, Mr. John P. Glowatz, Ms. Jennifer
Baker, Mr. Eric Null, and Mr. John Kelly. Without their skill, energy, and dedication,
this book would not have been possible.
We thank the splendid professional and trade editors of John Wiley & Sons,
Susan McDermott and Judy Howarth, for their encouragement and assistance in
making this book a reality.
We are indebted to our law partners and colleagues for their understanding and
forbearance, and for believing in the value of this project.
Finally, we are grateful to our spouses and children, who patiently endured
the lost evenings and weekends during the birth, development, and publication
of this work.
Lanning G. Bryer
Scott J. Lebson
Matthew D. Asbell

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