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About the Authors

James R. Acker is a Distinguished Teaching Professor at the University at Albany School of Criminal Justice. He earned his JD at Duke Law School and his PhD at the University at Albany. His academic interests include the integration of law and social science, capital punishment, criminal law, criminal procedure, and the legal rights of children. He has authored, co-authored, and co-edited several scholarly articles and books addressing those subjects, including volumes published by Carolina Academic Press: When Justice Fails: Causes and Consequences of Wrongful Convictions (2018) (with Robert J. Norris and Catherine L. Bonventre); Lawlemmas: Cases and Materials (2018); Lawlemmas: In Search of Principled Choices in Law, Justice, and Life (2016); America's Experiment With Capital Punishment: Perspectives on the Past, Present, and Future of the Ultimate Penal Sanction (3d ed. 2014) (with Robert M. Bohm and Charles S. Lanier); Examining Wrongful Convictions: Stepping Back, Moving Forward (2014) (with Allison D. Redlich, Robert J. Norris, and Catherine L. Bonventre); The Future of America's Death Penalty: An Agenda for the Next Generation of Capital Punishment Research (2009) (with Charles S. Lanier and William J. Bowers); and Wounds That Do Not Bind: Victim-Based Perspectives on the Death Penalty (2006) (with David R. Karp).

Allison D. Redlich is a Professor...

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