3 tactics to guide your return-to-work plans.

Working from work ... maybe it's real this time.

At least for now, as the pandemic eases and states unwind their restrictions, employees are returning to workplaces. Many companies--leery of scaring away their top talent--are starting on a hybrid schedule and allowing flexibility if employees request it.

Some employers are getting creative to entice and welcome employees back. A Boston tech firm created a "Homecoming Week" at the start of March that included an ice cream social, happy hour and the company funding employee "clubs" like skiing and wine tasting.

For employers, making the transition to on-site or hybrid work will require a three-part strategy:

  1. Assess your location risk.

    Recognizing the changing COVID realities, the CDC has issued new guidance that emphasizes metrics, such as hospital admissions and new infections.

    The CDC has sharply reduced the areas where it recommends social distancing and indoor masking. Most Americans now live in areas of low or medium COVID risk and can forgo masking indoors if they choose.

    To keep an eye on the risk level and COVID guidance in your local area, go to www.CDC.gov/coronavirus.

  2. Know your employees. If your workforce...

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