SIC 2512 Wood Household Furniture, Upholstered


SIC 2512

This category covers those establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing upholstered furniture on wood frames. Shops primarily engaged in reupholstering furniture, or upholstering frames to individual order, are classified in Services, SIC 7641: Re-upholstery and Furniture Repair, or Retail Trade, SIC 5712: Furniture Stores. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dual-purpose sleep furniture, such as convertible sofas and chair beds, are classified in SIC 2515: Mattresses, Foundations, and Convertible Beds, regardless of the material used in the frame. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing wood frames for upholstered furniture are classified in SIC 2426: Hardware Dimension and Flooring Mills.



Upholstered Wood Household Furniture Manufacturing


The U.S. Census Bureau reported that the total value of upholstered household furniture reached $10.5 billion in 2005, a modest increase from $10.1 billion the previous year. The number of establishments engaged in that industry reached 1,593 in 2005, employing more than 82,500 workers. With 289 manufacturers, California ranked first among the states, followed by North Carolina's 259 and Mississippi's 109.


This industry is defined primarily by the materials with which the products are constructed, rather than the actual end products. All products feature wood frames and fabric or leather upholstery. Establishments within this industry produce a wide range of upholstered furniture for the home, including such upholstered living room furniture as chairs, rockers, couches, sofas, and recliners. Products manufactured in this industry include other household furniture, as well as juvenile furniture.

Establishments in this industry produced goods that were sold to distributors or directly to retailers. Manufacturers produced goods for sale at a variety of price points and under a variety of brand names. New retailing techniques were affecting the industry. Industry watchers noted a growing tendency among manufacturers to enter into agreements with retailers to open galleries devoted to the manufacturer's goods—a concept that was "very successful in attracting customers and generating sales." The arrangement was mutually...

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