Watershed Cleanup Management Tools

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(Jan 2002)

Watershed Cleanup Management Tools

Carl Norbeck, Watershed Section Manager
Colorado Water Quality Control Division
Clear Creek Watershed, Colorado

Target Zone Approach (see attached figure)

The Target Zone concept was developed for Clear Creek's "Orphan in Sites" program. This program was sponsored by the National Forum or Nonpoint Source Pollution. It was intended to test the use of market incentives to encourage nonpoint source (NPS) cleanups. Clear Creek was selected for this program because of the presence of over 1300 orphan mine sites??the watershed, with no regulatory tools to address them. The strategy was to obtain a proponent who would clean up a site-at which they had no liability-in return for a negotiated benefit or credit. The Target Zone Approach was developed to provide the Steering Committee With a tool for evaluating the "net environmental benefit" of prospective cleanups. One project has been completed using this tool. Currently, the Orphan Sites program is on hold pending Passage of Good Samaritan relief legislation.

Site Characterization Approach (see attached figure)

Virginia Canyon is a tributary to Clear Creek. In contains 200 or than mine sites and discharges acid mine drainage to Clear Creek through the groundwater system. Virginia Canyon is the major source of meals to Clear Creek. Cleanup approaches have been stymied by lack of a strategy to direct the efforts of the multiple organizations that would be required to clean up the canyon. The Site Characterization Approach was developed to enable interested organizations to identify prospective strategies for participating in the cleanup. EPA has assumed responsibility for the ground water component of the problem and proposes to pipe the mine drainage water to the nearby Argo Tunnel Treatment Plant for treatment. Currently, cleanups are underway in all non-groundwater categories and EPA is preparing to construct a repository in the canyon for disposal of waste material.

For further information: carlVorbeck@state.co.us

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Target Zone Approach for Soda Creek

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