Table of Contents

JurisdictionUnited States
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Water Supply And Physical Availability For Energy And Mineral Development
Chapter 2A Acquisition Of Water For Energy And Mineral Development In The Eastern United States
Chapter 2B A Survey Of Statutes Governing Appropriation Of Water Rights In Twelve Western States
Chapter 3 The Use And Protection Of Water Resources In Hydraulic Fracturing Operations
Chapter 4 Treatment, Disposal, And Recycling Of Flowback And Produced Water
Chapter 5 State Regulatory Issues Related To Drilling For Shale Gas And Hydraulic Fracturing
Chapter 6 Hydraulic Fracturing And Water Supply Protection--Federal Regulatory Developments
Chapter 7 Hydraulic Fracturing Litigation--Recent Developments And Current Issues In Cases Involving Alleged Water Supply Impacts
Chapter 8A The Water-Energy Nexus-Electricity Generation And Water Considerations
Chapter 8B Electricity Generation And Water Considerations
Chapter 9 Water And Renewable Energy Generation In The Western United States--An Overview Of Current Challenges And Opportunities
Chapter 10A Mineral Resource Development Water

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