Warrantless Search.


Byline: Derek Hawkins

WI Court of Appeals District II

Case Name: State of Wisconsin v. Eric R. Burrows

Case No.: 2018AP770-CR

Officials: REILLY, P.J.

Focus: Warrantless Search

Eric R. Burrows appeals from a judgment convicting him of unlawful phone use, in violation of WIS. STAT. 947.012(1)(b), and defamation, in violation of WIS. STAT. 942.01(1). Burrows sent threatening and harassing letters, orchestrated inflammatory and derogatory voicemail messages, and delivered a baby python snake to E.W., the victim in this case. On appeal, Burrows challenges his arrest, the seizure of evidence following his arrest, and the legality of search warrants issued for his property. For the reasons that...

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