Using Legitimacy as an Organizing Lens for Public Administration

Date01 July 2014
Published date01 July 2014
Book Reviews 535
As public administration scholars cope with the
f‌i eld’s interdisciplinary nature, there is a need
to better understand and integrate histori-
cal perspectives into present-day research and praxis
Margaret Stout, Logics of Legitimacy:  ree Traditions
of Public Administration Praxis (Boca Raton, FL:
CRC Press, 2013). 305 pp. $83.95 (cloth), ISBN:
Using Legitimacy as an Organizing Lens for Public
Sonia M. Ospina and Rogan Kersh, Editors
Staci M. Zavattaro
Mississippi State University
Staci M. Zavattaro is assistant profes-
sor of public administration at Mississippi
State University. Her book Cities for Sale:
Municipalities as Public Relations
and Marketing Firms was released by
the State University of New York Press in
2013. Her work has appeared in Place
Branding and Public Diplomacy,
Journal of Place Management and
Development, Administrative Theory
and Praxis, and Administration &
Society. Palgrave Macmillan will publish
her book regarding cities through phases of
the image in 2014.

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