AuthorThomas Everette Moore
Published date01 May 2022
Date01 May 2022
Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice
2022, Vol. 38(2) 252 –254
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DOI: 10.1177/10439862221096891
Thomas Everette Moore
My name is Thomas Everette Moore. I served over nine years in the Florida Department
of Corrections from June 22, 2000, to August 31, 2009. I witnessed many violent acts
while incarcerated, and I had to carry myself a particular way to ensure I did not unin-
tentionally get involved with violence in the prison system.
I remember the first day I entered the Marion Correctional Institution in mid to late
2000; the classification team assigned another new intake and me to a butterfly wing
building that consisted of two-person cell housing. Our room happened to be in the
corner where the cameras did not capture any activity. I remember vividly entering the
cell on my second official day in prison and witnessing one person getting beaten
severely by three others. My new bunkmate began to panic and started yelling for the
officers. I saw a couple of the men engaged in the beat down looking at the window to
determine the snitch. Once the men scattered, my bunkie “checked in” or surrendered
to protective custody out of fear. I knew from talking to many people in jail that
“snitches get stitches,” so I had to devise a plan quickly. I remember walking up and
down the corridor yelling at the top of my lungs as the officers escorted my bunkie to
protective custody that he was a chump and a snitch, and he better never come back to
the general population as long as I was at that camp.
Although I had no intention of engaging in violence with my bunkie, I wanted
everyone on the wing to know that I would fight and that I had heart. I had a roommate
before I went to prison that had done time, and he told me how to carry myself to make
sure I had the best chance of avoiding violence as possible. As time drug and days
turned into months which turned into years, I found that four main things incited vio-
lence in the Florida prison system – homosexuality, gang involvement, stealing, and
gambling. The movies did not accurately portray violence from my experience. Most
of the sexual engagement came from manipulation and not intimidation. Most of the
pressure channeled toward people showing weakness or feminine characteristics. I
also found from my experience that once word got out about your lack of fear, people
showed respect, even if the story remained unverifiable. Let me explain further by
giving you an example.
I served about three years at Marion Correctional Institution when someone broke
into one of my friend’s footlocker and took his canteen items. Sometimes other inmates
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