Unemployment rate in South Carolina decreased in January.

South Carolina's unemployment rate decreased to 3.2% in January, down from December's rate of 3.3%, according to data released March 13 by the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce.

During January, the estimate of unemployed people in the state decreased to 76,070, a decrease of 1,089 people from December and a decrease of 2,352 from the January 2022 estimate, according to the DEW report.

The seasonally adjusted monthly survey estimated the number of South Carolinians working increased to 2,298,720, an increase of 4,329 people over December and 10,471 more than the January 2022 estimate.

The state's estimated labor force, which includes people working plus those looking for work, increased to 2,377,471 from November's level of 2,380,766. This is an increase of 3,295 people over the...

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