The HR I.Q. Test.

  1. In the first three quarters of fiscal year 2022, how much did union election petitions rise versus the same period in fiscal year 2021?

    1. 47%

    2. 58%

    3. 62%

  2. 73% of job seekers have done or felt the following when looking for a job.

    1. Want employers to make salaries more transparent

    2. Would be open to their colleagues knowing how much they earn

    3. Have declined a job immediately

    after learning the salary

  3. What phrase makes a potential job seeker most nervous when reading a job ad?

    1. Fast-paced environment

    2. Work hard, play hard

    3. Above and beyond

  4. What is the second most searched term in Google regarding workplace demands (behind remote work)?

    1. Employee-assistance programs

    2. Hybrid work

    3. Four-day workweek

  5. What percent of women are considering or have left their jobs due to menopause symptoms (leading some to believe workplaces should have a menopause policy)?

    1. 17%

    2. 12%

    3. 20%


  6. The NLRB

  7. Adzuna

  8. JobSage

  9. Lensa

  10. Biote

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