The Board's Role in Cultivating an Inclusive Culture: 'Just selecting a strong group of high-ranking executives doesn't cut it,' say PwC and Ariel Investments chairmen.

Author:Ryan, Tim

Mellody Hobson, co-CEO of Ariel Investments and vice-chair of the board at Starbucks and JPMorgan, has consistently talked about greater opportunities for minorities, women and other underrepresented employees at all positions.

"When I'm in boardrooms, I seek to ask questions," she said in a 2018 TED interview. "And when asking questions, you put people in the position of having to respond, or at least to think. And so even if it's not work, if you're not in that hiring position, you might say, 'Listen, I've noticed, wow, we're attracting the same kind of people over and over again. What can...

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