Table of Forms on CD

AuthorScott Brister (Ret.)/Dan S. Boyd
Table of Forms on CD
Form 1:10 General Legal Services Agreement
Form 1:20 Fee Guidelines & Billing Policy (contingent)
Form 1:30 Fee Guidelines & Billing Policy (hourly)
Form 1:40 Retainer Attachment to Employment Agreement
Form 1:50 Engagement Agreement
Form 1:60 Memorandum of Engagement
Form 1:61 Entry of Appearance
Form 1:70 Contingent Fee Agreement
Form 1:80 Joint Defense Agreement
Form 1:81 Attorney’s Motion to Withdraw
Form 1:82 Order of Withdrawal
Form 1:90 Motion for Substitution of Counsel
Form 1:100 Order Granting Motion for Substitution of Counsel
Form 1:110 Litigation Plan
Form 2:10 Employment Records Authorization
Form 2:11 Letter to Employer Seeking Client’s Wage and Employment Information
Form 2:12 Workers’ Compensation Records Authorization Form
Form 2:13 Letter to Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission Seeking Records
Form 2:20 Medical Authorization Form
Form 2:21 Letter to Client’s Physician Seeking Medical Records
Form 2:22 Psychological/Psychiatric Authorization Form
Form 2:23 Letter to Client’s Psychologist and/or Psychiatrist Seeking Records
Form 2:24 Health Insurance Records Authorization Form
Form 2:25 Letter to Client’s Health Insurer(s) Seeking Health Insurance Records
Form 2:26 HIPAA Limited Medical Authorization
Form 2:30 Settlement Demand Letter (Automobile Accident)
Form 2:40 Demand Letter (DTPA case)
Form 2:50 Policy Limit Demand – “Stowers” Letter
Form 2:60 Letter to Defendant Asserting Attorney’s Lien
Form 3:10 Notice of Health Care Liability Claim
Form 3:20 Notice of Claim Against Governmental Entity
Form 3:30 Tolling Agreement
Form 3:40 Acknowledgment of Claim
Form 3:50 Claim to Extend Statute of Repose
Form 3:60 Answer Asserting Limitations
Form 3:70 Supplemental Petition Asserting Tolling of Limitations
(Rev. 10, 4/13)

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