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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Laying The Groundwork: Nepa's Purpose, Levels Of Agency Review, And Process Overview
Chapter 2 Anatomy Of An Environmental Impact Statement--What Goes Into A Nepa Document?
Chapter 3 Concepts And Strategies For A Complete And Efficient Nepa Process
Chapter 4A Review Of Indirect And Cumulative Impacts, And Connected Actions For Mineral-Related Projects Under Nepa
Chapter 4B What Are You Looking At? Defining The Scope Of The Project And Effects For Nepa Reviews
Chapter 5 The Epa's Role In The Nepa Process
Chapter 6 Nepa's Scientific And Information Standards--Taking The Harder Look
Chapter 7 Remedy In Nepa Litigation: Injunctions And Agency Action Set Aside
Chapter 8 List Of Ceq Nepa Guidance Documents
Chapter 9 Having Your Voice Heard: How To Effectively Get The Agency's Attention In A Nepa Comment To Affect The Final Decision
Chapter 10 Functional Ethics And The Model Rules
Chapter 11 Mitigation Nepa: How Does A Procedural Requirement Impact Agency Decisions?
Chapter 12 Nepa And Climate Change: Where We Were, Where We Are, And Where Are We Going?
Chapter 13A Nepa Evaluation Of Cultural Resources, Tribal Values, And

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