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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Basics Of Successful Natural Resource Development Projects In Indian Country
Chapter 2 The Non-Intercourse Act And Statutory Restrictions On Tribal Resource Development And Contracting
Chapter 3 Accessing Indian Lands For Mineral Development
Chapter 4 Perfecting And Enforcing Liens And Other Impediments To Lending In Indian Country 1
Chapter 5 A Retrospective View Of Indian Law During The First Term Of The Bush-Cheney Administration
Chapter 6 Agency Roles In Oil And Gas Development On Indian Lands
Chapter 7 Sacred Sites And Cultural Resource Protection: Implications For Mineral Development On -- And Off -- Indian Lands
Chapter 8 The Indian Tribal Energy Development And Self-Determination Act Of 2005: Opportunities For Cooperative Ventures
Chapter 9 Wind Power And Other Renewable Energy Projects: The New Wave Of Power Project Development On Indian Lands
Chapter 10 The Balance Of Power In Indian Country -- The Court, The States, The Tribes: How Will Jurisdiction Be Defined?
Chapter 11A Contracting With Indian Tribes And Resolving Disputes: Covering The Basics
Chapter 11B Issues For Consideration In Negotiating Contracts For Mineral Development Between Tribes And Non-Indians
Chapter 12 Tribal Taxation Of Mineral Resource Development After Atkinson
Chapter 13A Compatibility Of The Federal Trust Responsibility With Self-Determination Of Indian Tribes: Reflections On Development Of The Federal Trust Responsibility In The Twenty-First Century
Chapter 13B The

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