Position:2018 FISCAL YEAR SUPPORT - Conservation Law Foundation

The following individuals, foundations, and organizations supported CLF during the 2018 Fiscal Year, August 1, 2017, through July 31, 2018. Their generosity and shared vision--of a healthy, thriving New England for all--have made CLF's work possible. We thank our invaluable members whose continuing support helps protect New England's environment for all. THANK YOU.

President's Circle: $50,000+

Thomas and Patience Chamberlin

Michael and Donna Egan

John* and Nancy Hammond

Horace and Alison Hildreth

Sara Molyneaux and Donald F. Law, Jr.

Michael and Donna Moskow

Diana E. Oehrli

Claire and Meir Stampfer

Elizabeth B. Steele

Barbara K. Sweet

Defenders: $25,000-$49,999

Anonymous (2)

Linda Cabot and Edward Anderson

Gordon Hall III and Carolyn Taft Knowlton

The Estate of Dorothy S. Hines

Douglas M. Kinney

Jerry Nelson

Anne H. Russell

Counselors: $10,000-$24,999

Anonymous (5)

Daniel and Joan Amory

Janetha A. Benson

Katharine A. Brown

Barbara and Bill Burgess

Christopher Cabot

Michael Charney and Loretta Mickley

Meredith and Eugene Clapp

Susan R. Donaldson, MD

The Estate of Joseph D. Emerson

Martha Fuller Clark and Geoffrey E. Clark

John Graham and Katharine Munro

Elizabeth and Whitney Hatch

Serena M. Hatch

Michael J. Herz and Kate Josephs

Meg and Gary Hirshberg

Dennis and Vicki Hopper

Barbara and Amos Hostetter

Harold Janeway

Kate and Howard Kilguss

Bob King and Anne Faulkner

Brigitte and Hal Kingsbury

Sue and Chris Klem

Michael and Sally Lemelin

Sharon and Bradford Malt

Charlotte S. Metcalf

Stephen and Amanda Morris

Susan D. Prindle

James and Judy Putnam

Rebecca B. Saunders

Peter and Faye Speert

Pamela and Renke Thye

Janet M. Ward

Guardians: $5,000-$9,999

Anonymous (8)

Naomi D. Aberly

Wilhelmina Bandler and Jeremiah Huson

Richard Bennink

Mark and Katia Berger

Joshua and Amy Boger

Judith M. Buechner

Franklin and Susan Burroughs

Bradley Campbell and Katherine Hackl

Richard and Anne Clarke

Laury and Nancy Coolidge

Robert Dorfman

Alan and Lisa Dynner

Corson Ellis and Marion Freeman

Alan Emmet

Andrew Falender and Jaquelyn Lenth

Kim and Nancy Faulkner

Ann and George Hackl

Peter and Claudia Kinder

Clifford Krauss and Ann Whittaker

Paul W. Lee

George and Emily Lewis

Noelle and William Locke

James and Maureen Mellowes

Greg and Regis Miller

David and Mary Ellen Moir

Tami Nason

Marsha and Alan Paller

The Estate of Nina N. Purdon

Larry Rockefeller

W. Allen and Selina Rossiter

Ray and Martha Sadler

Debbie and Bob Slotpole

Ann and Stephen Smith

Thomas and Jackie Stone

Jon and Tina Wendell

Advocates Society: $1,000-$4,999

Anonymous (15)

Philip and Elizabeth Allen

David and Sharman Altshuler

John Aubrey and Andrew Baute

Andus Baker and Rowan D. Murphy

Benjamin and Laura Baker

Cynthia Baker Burns and Scott Burns

M. Robin Barone and Sydney Lea

Peter Barrer and Judith Nichols

Henry and Suzanne Bass

John and Molly Beard

Cyrus and Erika Beer

Reinier and Nancy Beeuwkes

Joseph Berman and Sharon Cantor

Alexander Bernhard and Myra Mayman

David Blittersdorf

Michael Boyson

John M. Bradley

Arthur and Mary Brown

Barbara S. Brown

Herbert Brown

Thomas Brown and Chagit Steiner

Larry and Kim Buell

Lalor and Patricia Burdick

Laurie Burt

Susan Okie Bush

Laura Byergo

Blake and Dorothy Cady

Elizabeth W. Cady

Levin H. Campbell, Jr.

Alan Caron and Kristina Egan

Diana F. Chace

Alice Chamberlin

Alfred and Susan Chandler

Alexander and Carole Chanler

Charles and Lael Chester

Robert Childs and Hilary Graham

Lorni Cochran

Bonnie Cockman and Chris Foote

Deborah Collum

George and Ann Colony

Margaret and Gregory Connors

Woolsey and Beatrice Conover

Alfred Cumming and Laurie Sedlmayr

Jim and Sue Cunio Salem

Edith L. Dabney

Hillyard and Priscilla Danforth

Harriet B. Dann

Nelson J. Darling, Jr.

Dianne desRoches

Nancy and Dale Dougherty

Louise Durfee

David Ellis and Marion Schmitt Ellis

Thomas J. Engelman

Matthew and Lisa Fargo

Nathan Faulkner and Julia Burdick

John and Martha Fiske

Bob V. Fogel

Douglas I. Foy

Adele Franks and T. Stephen Jones

Anne Freeh Engel and Samuel Engel

Jameson and Priscilla French

Timothy Fulham and Lise Olney

Robert and Anne Gardiner

William and Jessica Gerke

Peter and Kerstin Glick

Paula W. Gold

Carolyn Gordon and David Webb

Dakers Gowans and Deborah Silver

Elisa Grammer

Jerry Greenfield and Elizabeth Skarie

Carol R. Gregory

Marjorie and Nicholas Greville

Mary B. Griffin

Elizabeth Haartz and Walter E. Davis II

Jane C. Hallowell

Joseph Hammer and Margery Hamlen

Reed M. Hampton

Michele and Bob Hanss

Graham and Joanne Harrison

John P. Harrod

Peter Hartline and Rebecca Kucera

Timothy B. Harwood

Emily and Tom Haslett

Joanne Hayes-Rines

Frederick Hewett and Cheryl Mazaik

Jutta B. Hicks

Patricia H. Highberg

Katrie and Rob Hillman

Beth Holtzman

Anna Hopper and Sean Willerford

Benjamin and Jean Horne

Jayne Putnam Iafrate and Barbara Stephens

Anthony Iarrapino and Joslyn Wilschek

Timothy and Joan Ingraham

Terry and Cynthia Irwin

Laura Jackson

Anita L. Johnson

Leonard and Marjorie Johnson

David Jones and Allison Ryder

Peter and Pamela Kane

Allan Kanner

Susan Kanor

Steven and Elizabeth Karlson

Dot Kelly

Maximilian and Paige Kempner

William and Anne Kneisel

Edward Krapels and Sarah Emerson

Peter and Catherine Kreitler

Michael and Jenny Krinsky

Barbara S. Lamont

Andrew G. Larson and Steven Gray

Marta Jo Lawrence

Edwin and Deborah Leach

Barbara B. Leggat

Monica and Michael Lehner

William R. Leitch

Thomas E. Lewis and

Ailene M. Robinson

Dick and Janet Lisle

Scott and Deborah Livingston

Robert B. Lorenz

Peter and Babette Loring

Donald J. MacFarlane

Sean and Jennifer Mahoney

Howard Mansfield and Sy Montgomery

Elizabeth and Peter Markowski

Carl and Nancy Martland

William and Leslie Mayo-Smith

Dorothy McCagg and Carl Querfurth

Alan McIlhenny and Elizabeth Ackerson

Jessica and Paul McKeon

Josephine A. Merck and James Stevenson

Tamsen Merrill

Lucy D. Metcalf

John and Katherine Metzger

Randal Milch and Amelia Salzman

Thomas Milch and Vicki Divoll

Elizabeth H. Miller

Ronald J. Miller

Arthur and Martha Milot

R. Bruce and Margaret Montgomery

William and Margot Moomaw

Barbara C. Moore

Christopher and Corinne Morahan

Tavit O. Najarian

Peter and Beatrice Nessen

Mike and Beth Newbold

Carlo Obligato

Oedipus and Amy Hyson

Josephine Okun

David and Barbara O'Neil

Bonnie M. Orlin

Gail Osherenko and Oran Young

Leonard Passano and Elizabeth Howe

Christian and Honor Passow

Vi and Mark Patek

Abby Patterson

Jan A. Pechenik

Kay M. Petersen and J. Woodrow Weiss

Selina Peyser

Beth K. Pfeiffer

Jane and Eric Philippi

E. Morey Phippen and Brian F. Adams

Davis Pike

John and Mary Pike

Dana Pinney

Sam Plimpton and Wendy Shattuck

Anita and Robert Poss

Jerry and Linda Powers

Abby Pratt

Frederick A. Pratt

Joan C. Pratt

Robert Pusateri

George and Kathy Putnam

David Putter and Judith Fisher

Win Quayle and Deborah Manegold

Robert Radloff and Ann Beha

Paula Rayman

Ellin Reisner

Duncan and Elizabeth Richardson

Henry and Jan Rines

Peter and Beverly Robbins

Marjorie and Richard Rogalski

Christopher duPont Roosevelt

John Rosenthal and Maureen Berkley

Sarah Russell and Joe Reynolds

Mary R. Saltonstall and John K. Hanson, Jr.

Frank Sandy

Kate Saunders and John Grove

Tedd and Ella Saunders

Lois J. Schiffer

Thaleia Tsongas Schlesinger

Sally and Michael Schnitzer

Donald and Mary Lou Schwinn

Ann and Dean Seibert

Chi Ho and Joan Sham

Cheryl and Roy Shea

Deming and Jane Sherman

Cathy and Fred Short

James and Susan Sidel

Austin and Susan Smith

Marilyn Smith and Charles Freifeld

Mike and Jean Smith

Robert Mason Smith

Judith and Carl Spang

Dick and Emilie Spaulding

John Spence and Katherine Yih

Robert Spencer

Vivian and Lionel Spiro

Tom and Susan Stepp

Adam Sterns

A. Holmes and Doris Stockly

James and Cathleen Stone

Stephen and Pamela Stroud

Victoria Sujata

Judith and William Taft

Jane and Hooker Talcott

Carl B. Taplin

Thomas Tarpey and Carolyn King

Benjamin and Katherine Taylor

David V. N. Taylor

Susan Blackmore Teal and

John M.Teal

John and Kathleen Thomas

Penny Thompson

Richard and Marian Thornton

Anna Marie and John E. Thron

Frances and Peter Trafton

Kimberly and Mark Tsocanos

Robert and Lisa Unsworth

Richard Voos

Emily V. Wade

Scott Wakeman

Lee Ann and Stuart Warner

Peter and Fan Watkinson

Troy West and Claudia Flynn

Dana Westover and Nancy Askin

Terry and Elizabeth White

George Whitridge

Deborah E. Wiley

Margaret M. Willmann

Kelsey D. Wirth and Samuel S. Myers

Marc and Robin Wolpow

Sara L. Wragge

Cynthia Wyatt

Summer B. Zeh and James Wexler

Peter Zimmermann

Stewards: $500-$999

Anonymous (8)

Joan and Richard Abrams

Marian Aikman

Susan and David Amory

Rodney Armstrong

Corinne Atkins

Ricardo Baratto

Cynthia and Robert Bear

Edward Belove and Laura Roberts

Gerald Billow

Linda C. Black

Camilla C. Blackman

MJ Blanchette and Brian Cox

Edwin C. Bohlen

The Britton Family

Gary M. Brookman

Eric Buehrens

Allison and Joe Bussiere

Ames Byrd

Charles and Sarah Cabot

Anamaria and Carlos Camargo

Lee E. Caras

Jay Cashman and Christy Scott Cashman

Dennis Chasteen and Loretta Lavac

Benjamin and Susanne Clark

Alison Clode and Nick Cassotis

Philip Conkling and Paige Parker

David Conover and Beverly Slade

Robert C. Cooper and Miriam Leeser

Tom and Evon Cooper

Suzanne Daines

Paul and Karen Dale

Sophie F. Danforth

Katharine B. Davis

Frances and Hubert de Lacvivier

Linda A. Deegan and Christopher Neill

Lawrence and Regina DelVecchio

Sheila Dennis and Tom Henry

Laurie and Christopher Doyle

David Ellenbogen

Lee and Inge Engler

Bonnie Epstein and Alan Silverman

Bruce Erickson and Liz Levey-Pruyn

Chris and Karen Erikson

Mark and Janet Fagan

Henry and Kathleen Faulkner

Richard and Alice Fink

Addie Fiske and Dennis Saylor

Mary and Douglas Fitzsimmons

Nancy and Jim Fleming

Steven Friedman and Family

Bob Gerber

P. Alexander Graham

Valerie L...

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