Six tips on how to become a great boss.


The qualities of a great boss and a great leader are not always one in the same. However, if you are a great leader, being a great boss will surely follow suit. Here are six leadership tips to help you become a great boss.

  1. Be a role model

    Identify your core values and make sure you live up to them every day. Do what you expect others to do. Be present. Be accessible. Be accountable. Showing your staff that you live by your beliefs will make them want to live up to them too.

  2. Communicate

    Communicating with your employees can make or break your relationship. They are not mind readers. Be clear and make sure they understand their assignments. Follow up with them a few times throughout a project to make sure they are on track and always ask if they have questions.

  3. Be open to new ideas and approaches

    Many times, especially with new employees, your staff members may approach you with ideas that you think would never work. Shutting their ideas down is a surefire way to shut them down as well. It's discouraging when you're told no. Be optimistic and give them the support to try out their idea.

  4. Delegate to discomfort

    There is no doubt that delegation is a skill. You have to trust your employees and let them own their projects. It's impossible for you to grow or expand your role if you don't give others more responsibility.

  5. Create and maintain accountability systems

    Set out specific guidelines and expectations for your employees. Having tangible...

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