Research note: Two measures of conflict orientation

AuthorXiaowen Guan,William A. Donohue,Sachiyo M. Shearman,Mary Jiang Bresnahan
Published date01 March 2009
Date01 March 2009
Research Note:Two Measures of Conflict Orientation
Mary Jiang Bresnahan
William A. Donohue
Sachiyo M. Shearman
Xiaowen Guan
This study analyzed the construct validity of two new measures: the
Attitude Toward Conflict Scale and the Mediation Scale. Although
both of these measures are still being developed, results of two studies
(with 557 participants) suggest that these instruments are valid and
reliable measures that might be of use to alternative dispute resolution
administrators, other mediation practitioners, and university personnel
who deal with conflict as a screening device to measure attitude toward
conflict and the mediation process.
Two Measures for Mediators:Validation of Measures
Every day, mediators in the United States are charged with intervening in
an array of conflict situations, from playground bullying incidents to facil-
itating resolution of neighborhood disputes; to brokering referrals from
social agencies, church, and community groups; to intervening in work-
place and public policy conflicts, and court referrals. Not only are the situ-
ations challenging; the parties involved in the conflict might be from racial
or ethnic groups different from those of the other parties or from the
mediator. Alternative dispute resolution program administrators and prac-
titioners, often with little lead time, must be prepared to deal with a
number of problems and a diverse body of people.
CONFLICT RESOLUTION QUARTERLY, vol. 26, no. 3, Spring 2009 © Wiley Periodicals, Inc. 365
and the Association for Conflict Resolution • DOI: 10.1002/crq.238
crq263_09_365-380.qxd 3/21/09 2:19 PM Page 365

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