QUIGLEY, HAROLD S. Far Eastern War, 1937-1941. Pp. xi, 369. Boston: World Peace Foundation, 1942. Paper Ed.: $1.00; Cloth Ed.: $2.50

Date01 November 1942
Published date01 November 1942
Subject MatterArticles
succeeded only because of our military de-
tions and by the Permanent Central Opium
&dquo;French democracy paid the price
Board; to their present limitations in
of its complaisance. It died because it
activity; and also to the need for con-
tolerated a modern Vendee.&dquo;
May other
certed international measures for protection
democracies &dquo;guard themselves against
against the narcotic evil when order is re-
France’s error!&dquo;
&dquo;Up until now, American
Not only must the menace
policy has failed to understand this im-
of excess manufacture be combated, but
placable reality.&dquo; This, and not a denun-
concerted efforts must be directed toward
ciation of X’s personal code, is the real
the limitation of poppy growth and opium
message of this honest and impassioned
The book deals with a historical resume
of the origin of smoking opium in the
Orient, with the social and economic as-
pects of addiction, with its menace in China
Opium Menace. Pp. xv, 170.
both before and since the Japanese inva-
York: Institute of Pacific Relations and
sion, and with smuggling bases in the Far
Foreign Policy Assn., 1942. $1.50.
Japan and the Opium Menace appeared
Three chapters deal more specifically
May 1, 1942. It was on press at the out-
with the Japanese situation concerning nar-
break of the war, and is concerned with
cotic drugs in Japan, with the opium prob-
the description of the conditions respecting
lems in Japanese dependencies, and with
opium and narcotic drugs only in those
the widespread use of narcotics in Man-
areas of the Far East which were then
under the jurisdiction of the Chinese and
The last chapter is concerned with the
Japanese Governments. A second volume
international aspect of the opium problem
is contemplated dealing with the smoking-
in the Orient, with the conclusion that a
opium problem under government mo-

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