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AuthorLarry Booth/Roger Booth
As insurers become more miserly, careful case selection, investigation, preparation, and prosecution are
more important than ever. In Personal Injury Handbook, highly respected injury attorneys Roger and Larry
Booth share with you their strategies for success. Personal Injury Handbook provides dozens of tips, forms, and
checklists to help you maximize the value of your personal injury cases. The 2013 update is loaded with valu-
able information, including new Chapter 17 Roadway Design and Maintenance Cases and substantially revised
Chapter 12 Automobile Crashworthiness.
Understanding the Social Media Problem §1:30
Handling the Social Media Problem §1:31
Form: Sub Rosa Videos and Social Media Information Policy §1:32
Social Media and Other Electronic Communications §2:24
Negligence Per Se §3:04
Vehicle Owner’s Liability §3:05
Employer Liability §3:06
Plaintiff’s Speed §3:21
Enlist the Help of Your Experts §12:69
Object to These Type of Requests §12:85
Available Data §12:95
Involve the Other Side in Downloading the Data §12:96
You’ll Need an Expert and a Protocol §12:97
This new chapter provides an in-depth view of roadway design and maintenance cases. Just a few of the
topics covered are: liability theories; defenses to anticipate; essential steps in the investigation; documents
to request; witnesses to depose and what to ask them; experts you’ll need to hire; and themes and strategies
for trying your case. Many sample forms are also included.
The new content focuses on the basic elements of the cause of action, liabilitity theories, and various
defense strategies.
And More!
Personal Injury Handbook
November 2013 Update
by Larry Booth & Roger Booth
James Publishing, Inc. (Rev. 2, 11/13)
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(Rev. 2, 11/13)
Personal Injury Handbook (Rev. 2, 11/13)
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