AuthorLarry Booth/Roger Booth
I-1 (Rev. 2, 11/13)
Absolute Liability
Industrial equipment accidents, §13:02
Products liability cases, §11:05
Accident Reconstruction Experts
Automobile crashworthiness cases
retention of expert, §12:50
Motor vehicle accident cases
generally, §3:56
deposition of defense’s expert, §3:130
deposition of plaintiff’s expert, §3:131
Roadway design cases, §17:121
Admission Requests
Construction site accidents
defendant’s requests/plaintiff’s answers,
§§7:72, 7:73
general contractor’s request, §7:72
premises owner’s requests, §7:73
Dog bite cases, §9:63
Insurance bad faith claims, §16:83
Products liability cases, §11:62
Responses to, §2:22
Strategic use of, §2:60
Affirmative Defenses. See Defenses
Airbag Case(s)
Complaint(s), §12:60
Interrogatories, §12:84
Mediation brief, §12:124
Production requests, §12:75
Airplane Crashes
Products liability cases, §11:45
Automobile crashworthiness cases, §12:132
Arbitration of Disputes
Dog bite cases, §9:101
Motor vehicle accident cases, §3:140
Dog bites, §9:14
Assembly-Line Machines
Accidents. See Industrial Equipment
Industrial equipment, §13:12
Assumption of Risk
Dog bite cases, §9:31
Livestock collisions, §10:10
Automobile crashworthiness cases. See
Automobile Crashworthiness Cases
Case evaluation/selection. See Case
Construction site accidents, §7:41
Fees. See Contingency Agreements
Insurance bad faith claims, §16:09
Interviewing the client. See Client
Withdrawal from case, §1:03
Attorneys’ Fees. See Contingency Agreements
Auto Collisions. See also Motor Vehicle
Accident Cases
Client interview, §3:50
Closing arguments, §3:202
Intoxicated drivers, §3:33
Jury selection in, §3:190
Mediation brief-settlement brochure, §3:145
Minimum impact soft tissue cases, §3:30
Multi-vehicle accidents, §3:33
Opening statements, §3:200
Rear-end collisions, §3:31
Automobile Crashworthiness Cases
Accident reconstruction experts
retention of expert, §12:50
Airbag case(s)
complaint(s), §12:60
interrogatories, §12:84
mediation brief, §12:124
production requests, §12:75
Animations, §12:132
Attorney reputation in settling cases, §12:120
Blaming the other driver, §12:21
Client interview(s), §12:30
Closing arguments, §12:136
airbag case, §12:60
Concept of “crashworthiness,” §12:01
Confidential settlements, §12:121
Custom and usage, §12:04
Defendant’s key employees, identification of,
Defenses/defense strategies
generally, §12:20
blaming the other driver, §12:21
blaming the plaintiff driver, §17:31
Personal Injury Handbook I-2
federal standards, compliance with, §12:23
industry standards, compliance with,
defendant’s employees, §§12:90–12:93
defendant’s experts, §12:101
plaintiff’s experts, §12:100
Design defects
generally, §12:02
deposition(s), above
interrogatories, below
plaintiff’s written discovery, §§12:70–
production requests, below
Displays, §12:132
Exhibits, §12:132
Experts/expert testimony
accident reconstruction experts. See
Accident Reconstruction Experts
cross-examination of defense experts,
depositions of defendant’s experts,
depositions of plaintiff’s experts, §12:100
direct examination of plaintiffs’ experts,
list of experts to retain, §12:50
retention of experts, §12:50
Federal standards, compliance with, §12:23
Focus groups, §12:150
Industry standards, compliance with, §12:22
airbag case(s), §12:84
key employees, identification of, §12:83
prior accidents, §§12:81, 12:82
series of motions on, §12:111
what to ask, §12:80
client interview, §12:30
witness interviews, §12:31
operator’s manual, §12:44
scene of accident, §12:43
securing the car and all component parts,
Jury selection
checklist for, §12:152
focus groups, §12:150
shadow juries, §12:151
Jury views, §12:132
Liability theories, §§12:01–12:04
Litigation costs, §12:11
Manufacturing defects, §12:02
Mediation brief(s), §12:124
Mediation of disputes
mediation brief(s), §12:124
settlement prerequisite, mediation as,
Mock-ups, §12:132
Opening statements, §12:136
Operator’s manual
patents, §12:45
reading, §12:44
Patents, §12:45
complaints, above
liability theories to plead, §12:03
specifying limited defects, §12:63
Prior accidents, §§12:81, 12:82
Production requests
generally, §12:70
airbag case(s), §12:75
“iron mountain” diversion, §12:74
model and year of car, attempt to limit to,
series of motions on, §12:110
“trade secret” excuse, §12:71
“visit our library” excuse, §12:72
Products liability cases, §11:02
Removal of actions, §12:61
Securing all component parts, §12:40
Securing the car, §12:40
Settlement strategies, §§12:120–12:124
Shadow juries, §12:151
Standard for determining, §12:04
State of the art, §12:04
Storage locations
defense inspections, monitoring/
videotaping of, §12:41
removal of parts from, §12:42
closing arguments, §12:136
defendant’s marketing, use of, §12:131
displays, §12:132
exhibits, §12:132
follow the money, §12:130
jury selection, above
jury views, §12:132
liability theories at, §12:03
I-3 Index
(Rev. 2, 11/13)
mock-ups, §12:132
opening statements, §12:136
preparation for, §§12:130–12:136
witnesses, below
Trial preparation, §§12:130–12:136
experts/expert testimony, above
interviews of witnesses, §12:31
order of witnesses, §12:133
Automobile Defects
Crashworthiness. See Automobile
Motor vehicle accident cases, §3:14
Bad Faith of Insurers. See Insurance Bad
Faith Claims
Dog bite cases, §9:14
Medical malpractice cases, §14:52
Borrowed Workers
Construction site accidents, §7:23
“Boss” Interview
Industrial equipment accidents, §13:42
Breach of Warranty
Industrial equipment accidents, §13:04
Mediation of disputes. See Mediation
Motions in limine
medical records, exclusion of, §2A:65
witness’s prior acts, references to, §2A:66
Trial, §2A:60. See also Motions In Limine;
Trial Briefs
Building Code Violations
Premises liability cases, §5:37
Business Owners’ Liability
Dog bite cases, §9:21
Premises liability cases. See Premises
Liability Cases
Cancer Diagnosis, Missed
Medical malpractice complaint, §14:50
Case Evaluation/Selection
Generally, §1:01
Cases to accept, §1:02
Cases to avoid, §1:02
Construction site accidents, §7:46
Cell Phone Devices. See Motor Vehicle
Accident Cases
Child Molestation. See Sexual Molestation
Client Interview(s)
Generally, §1:20
Automobile crashworthiness cases, §12:30
Checklist to review with client, §1:29
Confidential Information Booklet, §1:24
Construction site accidents, §7:40
Confidential Information Booklet, §1:24
A Few Facts About Liability Cases handout,
interview & investigation sheet, §1:21
records authorization, §1:25
wrongful death damages questionnaire,
Industrial equipment accidents, §13:40
Litigation’s unpredictability
checklist to review with client, §1:29
explaining to client, §1:28
Medical malpractice cases, §14:40
Motor vehicle accident cases
collision cases, §3:50
pedestrian cases, §3:51
Prior injuries, undisclosed, §1:23
Records authorization, §1:25
Client(s). See also Attorneys
A Few Facts About Liability Cases handout,
Interviewing. See Client Interview(s)
Medical records
investigating client’s records before
defense, §1:42
poor accident descriptions, dealing with,
signed authorizations for release to
defense, §1:43
Records authorization, §1:25
Closing Arguments
Automobile crashworthiness cases, §12:136
Construction site accidents
sample argument, excerpts from, §7:142
tips for pre-preparing, §7:141
Defense arguments, anticipating, §2A:92
Dog bite cases, §9:116
Electrocution cases, §8:102
Industrial equipment accidents, §13:152
Insurance bad faith claims, §16:151

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