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AuthorCathy Ventrell-Monsees
In this new edition of Age Discrimination Litigation, Author Cathy Ventrell-Monsees has reworked and
revised every chapter. The result is a user-friendly, single-volume book that provides comprehensive
coverage of the substantive law, as well as practical instruction on handling an ADEA case, from client
intake to settlement. The highlights include new and updated text covering:
Filing Charges and Lawsuits
The form and content of an EEOC charge, with samples and drafting tips
Equitable tolling v. equitable estoppel
Proving Age Discrimination
A detailed discussion of the ADEA causation standard, with analysis of Supreme Court deci-
sions establishing that “but for” causation is a sweeping standard that allows for more than
one “but for” cause
How to frame your evidence to prove discrimination
How to demonstrate pretext and challenge the employer’s alleged legitimate reasons for the
adverse action
Arguments and strategies to establish age-related comments as evidence of bias
Remedies: Tips for maximizing your client’s damages
Summary Judgment
How to demonstrate disparate treatment
How to cast doubt on the employer’s stated reasons for its conduct
How to challenge judge-made rules and inferences that favor employers, including the “same
bad actor” and “same age group” inferences
How to prevent the employer from using its “business judgment” as a shield for
Settlement: Comprehensive coverage of the OWBPA and EEOC regulations re: a “knowing and vol-
untary” waiver or release
Representing Multiple Plaintis
Dealing with companion EEOC litigation
Proving discrimination
Dozens of new forms 
and more.
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