The Telecom Antitrust Handbook, Third Edition is intended to serve
as a comprehensive review and analysis of the application of antitrust
law and principles to the telecommunications industries—including
wireline and wireless telecom, broadband access, and video
programming distribution—for use by telecom and antitrust counsel in
evaluating the many competitive issues that arise in the telecom markets.
The book guides the reader through the fundamental economic
underpinnings of communications networks that make substantive
analysis of antitrust issues in these sectors both unique and challenging
(Chapter I), and then transitions to a discussion of the history of
regulation and monopolization issues in the industry (Chapter II),
restraints of trade (Chapter III), joint ventures (Chapter IV), mergers
(Chapter V), immunity issues (Chapter VI), and finally an overview of
consumer protection issues (Chapter VII), including the evolving
regulation of consumer privacy.
It is our intent and hope that the Telecom Antitrust Handbook will
serve as an important and useful tool for telecom practitioners who seek
an introduction to antitrust law, as well as for antitrust practitioners who
find themselves thrust into the telecom thicket.
This book is the product of the work of numerous individuals. We
gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the following:
Steve Augustino
Anik Banerjee
Avonne Bell
Neil Chilson
Marco Crocetti
Mark Cunningham
Lindsey Edwards
S. Spencer Elg
J. Parker Erkmann
John Flynn
Gabriel Fulmer
Victoria Jeffries
Damon Kalt
Kellie Kemp
Eugene Kiselev
David Kully
Fernando Laguarda
Robert Lepore
Eric Lipman
Katherine LoPicc alo
Michelle Mantine
Joseph Matelis
Joel Rabinovitz
Sara Razi
Bill Rinner
Jonathan Sallet
Christine Sanquist
Allan Shampine
Susan Singer
David Sosa
Yvette Tarlov
Kim Van Winkle
Gopal Das Varma

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