The Section of Antitrust Law of the American Bar Association
proudly presents the Telecom Antitrust Handbook, Third Edition. Since
publication of the Second Edition in 2013, the telecommunications
industry has continued its rapid evolution as an industry a nd grown in
importance to the overall economy. The industry has experienced many
watershed developments including convergence of wireless and wireline
technologies, new concerns about privacy and net neutrality, and
expansion and interest in content creators. Applying antitrust principles
to a cutting-edge industry faced with these developments and a growing
body of governing precedents can be challenging for antitrust and
telecom practitioners alike. This Handbook is intended to serve as a
comprehensive review of the applicable law and an invaluable resource
for practitioners who grapple with the many competition issues that arise
in this dynamic industry and fluid area of the law.
This Handbook reflects years of effort and dedication from those
who have closely followed and in some instances guided the evolution of
the industry and applicable antitrust law. No other book provides as
comprehensive and as current an analysis, and it is our hope that the
Third Edition will be a lasting resource for those who practice in this
increasingly critical industry sector. I am both pleased and proud that the
book has been published during my term as Chair of the Antitrust
The Section is deeply grateful to the many attorneys and economists
who generously contributed sweat equity and innumerable volunteer
hours to this monumental undertaking. The project’s chair, Jamillia
Ferris, along with co-chairs Greg Luib and Ankur Kapoor, deserve
special mention for their tireless efforts and determination to make this
project a success.
Deborah A. Garza
Chair, 2018-2019
Section of Antitrust Law
American Bar Association
January 2019

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